José Algueró Raga was the Art Director of the "Return of the Seven" Production.
He was born on september 28, 1914 in Madrid, Spain.
José Algueró was a sculptor, designer, film set decorator, film art director and watercolorist.
Between 1939 and 1951 he was assistant of the sculptor Mariano Benlliure 
and involved in the construction of various monuments and religious art in
Cartagena, Crevillente,..., Ontinyent, Xativa.
José Algueró also designed the interior of some buildings.
He was responsible for the interior design of the house of Franco in Burgos.
With his skills and talents he moved into the film business (1951) as assistent of set decorator legends
like Pierre Schildknecht, Antonio Simont and Gil Parrondo.
Very quickly he himself became "Art Director" and took over the design of film productions.
In his later years he was known as a watercolorist, with exhibitions in Santander, Segovia and Madrid (Photo).
José Algueró Raga (Art Director) was responsible for the design and construction of the "Return of the Seven" Sets.
He worked together with construction foreman Francisco Alarcón, decoration expert Antonio Mateos (photo), 
José María Tapiador López (Ayudante de Decoracion) and property master Julián Mateos.
What a crew!
A few years later the Ayudante de Decoracion of "Return of the Seven", José María Tapiador López, was the Art Director 
for another Mag 7 adventure in spain, "Guns of the Magnifcent Seven".
José Algueró Raga died in Madrid, Spain, 2 days before his 86 birthday, on september 26, 2000.
For "Return of the Seven" José Algueró designed a great "Church Set" in the Samuel Bronston Studios in Chamartin (Madrid).
He worked completely self-governing in the Studio as "Contractor", "Set Decorator" and "Art Director".
He was responsible for the building materials and bought wood (and much more..) himself.
All was in his hands. You can find the report on the "Return of the Seven" Studio Sets here: Samuel Bronston Studios.
José Algueró was responsible for the "Villa Rides" (1968) Set Design together with Roman Calatayud and
José María Tapiador López (Ayudante de Decoracion). 
The photo shows the filming of "Villa Rides" in Colmenar Viejo.
José Algueró Raga was (again together with José María Tapiador López) the responsible Set Decorator of the Charlton Heston 
movie "Marco Antonio y Cleopatra" (1971). Production Design by Maurice Pelling.
Here we see a splendid Palace ...which actually is a perfect illusion!
For this Palace Set in "Marco Antonio y Cleopatra" the Set Decorators used a real building, the "CSIC" 
(Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científica) main building in Madrid.
The Construcion Crew of Francisco Prosper built a beautiful Set there.
And together with the foreground model expert Emilio Ruiz del Rio the "CSIC" building is transformed into an 
impressive Palace.
José Algueró Raga has ennobled many movie productions with his work. The list of his movies is long!
Two heavyweights of the "Return of the Seven" production.
Production Manager Eduardo García Maroto (left) and Art Director José Algueró Raga (right).
Un agradecimiento especial a la familia de José Algueró Raga y Angel Caldito.
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