Ricardo Garica Navarrete was born on May 31, 1926 in Madrid.
At first he worked as a decorator in the CEA film studio before he became a famous
camera operator. 
As Camera Operator he worked for many international movie production which
have been filmed in Spain. 
His first international Western Movie production was "Return of the Seven" (photo), 1966.
He then worked for "Villa Rides", "100 Rifles", "El Condor" and 
"Cannon for Cordoba", just to name a few.
Sr. Navarrete also worked for other genre productions as a camera operator.
"Patton", "The Wind and the Lion", "Conan", ...and many more.
He lives in his hometown of Madrid.
Camera operator Ricardo Garica Navarrete working on set in Agost, Alicante, 1966.
Jim Brown shows some soccer tricks on set in Villamanta (Madrid), during a break in filming "100 Rifles".
Camera Operator Ricardo Garica Navarrete. See more photos and informations here: Villamanta.
A costly movie with an gigantic "Fort" Set built in the desert of Gergal (Almeria).
Camera Operator Ricardo Garica Navarrete (with hat) filming a scene for "El Condor".
Director John Guillermin talks with actor Jim Brown.
The "El Condor" main actors are prepared for a scene in the "Oasis de Tabernas".
Lee van Cleef and Jim Brown look like chickens. 
Learn more about this location here: Oasis de Tabernas.
Another costly Western with huge movie Sets and camera operator Navarrete on board.
Director Edwin Sherin, Susan clark and Burt Lancaster (Valdez) on set in the desert of Almeria.
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Filming a complicated scene for "Patton" in San Miguel de Cabo de Gata (Almeria).