Elisa Ruiz Penella was born on December 15, 1934 in Granada, Spain. 
Best known as Elisa Montés, she is a Spanish actress who took her pseudonym from 
the celebrated work of her grandfather, Manuel Penella, ‘El gato montés’. 
Montés is the sister of actresses Emma Penella [1930–2007] and Terele Pávez [1939- ], 
daughter of Magdalena Penella Silva and the law politician Ramón Ruiz Alonso, and granddaughter 
and great-granddaughter to composers Manuel Penella and Manuel Penella Raga. 
She was married to actor Antonio Ozores from 1958-1969. The daughter of this marriage, Emma Ozores, 
has also dedicated herself to acting. Since she was a child Elisa dedicated herself to acting. 
Her first acting appearances took place on stage. In movies, her films can be divided in two periods: 
The first 10 years, usually embodying young angelic or prudish wives and the next 15 years, 
taking part in a wide number of co-productions. 
After the 70s, she has preferably dedicated to television and stage.
Elisa Montés (Petra) on the "Return of the Seven" Set in Agost, Alicante.
Elisa Montés and Julian Mateos, two of the many great spanish Actors in "Return of the Seven".
Elisa Montés played in various "spaghetti westerns" and gave them a little "Montés" shine.
My favorite one is "Texas, addio". 
A private photo of the wedding of Elisa Montés and Antonio Ozores, 1958.
Family photo - Elisa and her husband Antonio Ozores and their young daughter Emma.
Elisa on a spanish magazine cover at Christmas time.
She was a popular motif for many Spanish "revistas".
Photos, Stories,...the people wanted to know everything.