Fernando Casado Arambillet was born on September 20, 1917, La Coruña, Spain. 
Best known as Fernando Rey he was a Spanish film, theatre, and TV actor, who worked in both Europe and the United States. 
A suave, international actor best known for his roles in the films of surrealist director Luis Buñuel 
“Tristana” (1970), “Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” (1972), “That Obscure Object of Desire” (1977) and 
as a drug lord in “The French Connection” (1971), he appeared in more than 150 films over half a century. 
In 1960, Rey married the Argentine actress Mabel Karr. 
In 1992 he became chairman of the Spanish Movie Arts and Sciences Academy. 
Fernando Rey died of cancer in Madrid on March 9, 1994.
In "Return of the Seven" Fernando Rey played the Priest.
On Set in Agost he was known as a very kind and friendly person. 
He helped the spanish Extras of "Return of the Seven", arranged fair payment and jobs.
Fernando Rey with his wife Mabel Karr and their son Fernandito.
Fernando Rey loved the fishing. Here we see him with a capital Sailfish.
He was also a golfer. Perhaps he has played a few holes with Claude Akins on set in Agost.
Thanks to his work with Luis Buñuel (left) Fernando Rey was the first Spanish actor who gained international fame 
("Viridiana", 1961 / "Tristana", 1970 / ...).
Los Españoles, No.18 (1973) - A special Magazine dedicated to Fernando Rey.
Comprehensive information about Fernando Rey and many photos.
No.3 was about Salvador Dali, No.5 about the Bullfighter El Cordobes and No.14 was dedicated
to Paoblo Picasso. Fernando Rey is at the top!
He tells us a lot about his private life in the magazine.
On this double page are photos of his house in Madrid.