Gracita del Sacromonte is the beautiful dancer of the exciting "Flamenco" Scene in "Return of the Seven".
She has been dancing ever since she learned to walk and also sings.
Gracita del Sacromonte got her name from the Sacromonte district of Granada,
where for generations, 
her family has produced great Flamenco musicians.
Because of her father's past as a guerrilla leader in the spanish civil war
she was boycotted by the media in Spain.
For this reason there is only a few information about her available. 
For many sources she simply does not exist!
Since she hardly had a chance in Spain, she presented her art to an international audience as part of
José Greco and his Company of spanish Dancers (Lola de Ronda,...).
José Greco (1918–2000) was an American dancer and choreographer, 
and the best-known Flamenco dancer of the mid-20th century!
The grandfather of Gracita del Sacromonte, Manuel Hidalgo and her brother Juan Hidalgo are both 
guitarists with this company.
The company presented a great Flamenco Show all over the USA in the 1950's and 1960's and Gracita
was part of it in these years.
Spurned in Granada - Splendid in "Return of the Seven".
Gracita del Sacromonte on a spanish Lobby Card. The Flamenco Scene was filmed in Colmenar de Oreja (Madrid).
Probably due to her performances in America with the José Greco company she got the "Flamenco Scene" in
"Return of the Seven". 
She already had a few experiences in spanish movies, but not in international productions.
Maybe José Greco has opened the doors. He was the Flamenco Dancer in "Around the World in 80 Days".
Gracita del Sacromonte released a few records for HispaVox in Spain.
I know of two 45' Eps on which she sings rumbas accompanied by outstanding guitarist like
Paco Cepero.
If you like flamenco music this Vinyl is a great experience!