Jordan Zankoff was born in Youngstown, Ohio on October 23, 1940 (some sources say 1942). 
In the early 1960s he became the lead singer in his rock band The Wild Ones. 
He married actress Sybil Williams, the ex-wife of Richard Burton, in 1965. 
The pair opened a discotheque called Arthur in New York City. Christopher and his Band were 
hired to perform in “The Fat Spy” (1966). 
Jordan was impressive enough to land a role in “Return of the Seven” as Manuel. 
After his last acting appearance as a regular on the TV series ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. 
King’ (1986-1987) he retired and died of a heart attack sometime in 1996. 
Jordan Christopher in his full costume with props.
Manuel (Jordan Christopher)
"The Wild Ones" - Jordan Christopher, 1966.