Julián Mateos was born January 15, 1938 in Robledillo de Trujillo, Spain. 
Mateos studied Philosophy at the University of Salamanca before making his film debut in 1960 
in the film "Los Desamparados” followed by "Los Atracadores" (1961), then "Cyrano y D'Artagnan" (1962). 
Because of his command of English he was in demand for international roles such as "Return of the Seven" as Chico, 
"Shalako" in 1968 and “Catlow” (1974). Mateos retired in the 1970s and formed his own production company, Ganesh in 1981, 
where produced films such as "Los Santos Inocentes," "El Viaje a Ninguna Parte," and "El Niño de la Luna”. 
Julián was married to actress Maribel Martin Mateos. He died on December 27, 1996 from lung cancer in Madrid, Spain.
Julian Mateos in full costume with props - Samuel Bronston Studios (Chamartin)
Julian Mateos was a great guy with many talents. Much is little known.
He reads poems of "grandes Poetas" on different LP's. This reminds me of the great Klaus Kinski!
He is on an LP with poems of "G.A.Becquer" (Music Chopin). On another LP he reads poems of "Juan Ramon Jimenez".
Rock'n'Roll in the Sam Bronston Studio.