Born Buddy Lee on July 29, 1933 in Troy, New York to dancer Betty Simpson. 
Betty married Naval Academy office Robert Simpson and the family moved to Key West, 
Florida with Buddy now taking the name Robert Simpson, Jr. 
His parents opened a dancing school and Robert became a proficient dancer. 
After graduation from Miami Military Academy the family moved to Hollywood, 
California where as Robert Fuller he found work as a stuntman. 
His first film was in 1952’s “Above and Beyond”. 
After a stint in the Army during the Korean War, Fuller took acting lessons from 
Richard Boone and landed a small role in “Friendly Persuasion” (1956) with Gary Cooper. 
Losing out to Michael Landon for the role of ‘Little Joe’ on the TV series Bonanza he was 
signed to star as Jess Harper on TV’s ‘Laramie’. When ‘Laramie’ ended he replaced Robert Horton 
on TV’s long running ‘Wagon Train’. 
When the series ended Fuller appeared in “Return of the Seven” as Vin.
He would go on to be a regular on the TV series ‘Emergency’ (1972-1978). 
Now retired he and his wife actress Jennifer Savidge live on a ranch in near Gainesville, Texas. 
Portrait photo of Vin (Robert Fuller).
I have over 50 different studio shots of Robert Fuller.
Antonio Luengo (photographer) has really let it rip.
He certainly has made ??over 500 studio photos...!
Here I show you a small selection.
Vin (Robert Fuller)
Robert Fuller in full costume with props - Samuel Bronston Studios (Chamartin)
Steve McWho?
Robert Fuller - "Return of the Seven" Studio session.
Robert Fuller, in full costume with props, stands before a white background cloth.
Robert Fuller with his stunt double. 
Robert said it was a Spaniard, but he looks more like an American!?
An unknown Stuntman?
The boys have fun in the studio.
The stunt crew had a few injuries during the shooting of "Return of the Seven".
One stuntman was seriously injured during a jump out the window (Colmenar de Oreja).